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Bowfishing has become one of the most popular forms of fishing over the past two decades. It blends the challenge of bow hunting with the serenity of fishing, to create an action-packed yet family-friendly adventure. 
Bowfishing uses a specially designed bow and arrow set that is attached to a fishing line, so when you take aim to hook onto a fish, you can easily reel it in. The types of fish that are most popular to catch in Tampa Bay while bowfishing are the ones that hang out in shallow water, including Sheepshead, Snapper, Stingrays, and many more. Despite popular belief, stingrays are quite yummy, and are the best to bowfish for because of their wide surface area compared to other fish. 
If you are wondering whether or not your entire family would be able to bowfish, rest assured that even your smallest guppies can take a shot at reeling in their own catch. The bows that Poseidon Charters use can be adjusted between 15 and 55 pounds of weight, allowing the beginners to the more advanced fisherman to take on this exciting challenge. 
The Boat-
The Crevalle 26 Bay boats that Poseidon Charters proudly run takes bowfishing from primitive to luxury. On our boats, we have mounted Black Oak LED electric lights that are essential for bowfishing. The flat-bottom boats that are typically seen being used for bow fishing utilize generators to keep their lights running while trying to take aim. This not only gets annoying for the people trying to fish, it also creates more commotion that may scare your catch away. With Poseidon Charters, you will be bowfishing in style with the best equipment and nicest crossover boat on the market. 
The Captain-

Introduced to the love of boating as a young boy on the Chesapeake Bay, Drew was immediately a natural on the water. He took a keen interest in learning everything he could about all boat types and the skills needed to become a successful fisherman. Moving to Florida in his early teens only enhanced his joy of the sport as he was then able to learn more about the seasons and available catches in the Gulf of Mexico. Drew then began working at Chris Craft, a major boat manufacturing plant in Sarasota, FL, where he learned all aspects of the craft of building a boat from the ground floor. 

Drew began his professional fishing career as a part-time deckhand on a local charter crew to share his love of being on the water, boats, and fishing. He then decided to pursue his captain’s license and continued on to achieve his Master Captain license. This enabled him to begin working as a captain and tour guide on fishing charters and tour boats in Tampa Bay.

Drew is an expert in both inshore and offshore fishing but prides himself in taking on extreme and challenging catches. He excels at hooking up on sharks and bow fishing, both of which are exciting nighttime adventures. Drew can’t wait to take you out on your next excursion with Poseidon Fishing Charters.

What to Expect-

Upon arrival, Captain Drew will meet you on the dock at Little Harbor Marina, where he will have the boat gassed up and stocked with water, gear, and bait. This ensures that your entire 4, 6, or 8 hour charter will be non-stop fun! 


You will enjoy an action-packed day with Captain Drew, as he puts you on tons of fish and takes pictures throughout the day so you can remember this trip of a lifetime! After an amazing, fun-filled day on the water, Captain Drew will bring you back to the dock where he will filet all the keeper fish you catch.  He can even recommended a few restaurants that will cook your catch for dinner!

Bowfishing - The Latest Craze! 

Whether you are looking for beginner-friendly or action-packed, bowfishing is the newest and best aquatic adventure for you and your family. Come try your hand at this challenging night-time experience and you will soon find out why it is the newest craze among amateurs and professional fishermen alike.

(4 Hours)
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