Poseidon Fishing Charters Cancellation Policy

Your purchase does not automatically guarantee a reservation. We have the right to cancel your reservation at any time.  If your charter cannot be performed for any reason such as weather (lightning, rain, fog, or wind) or boat maintenance, we will fully refund your purchase without any additional charges. We recommend each customer read and review the cancellation policy so they fully understand.


What CAN be Refunded:

- Weather cancellations will be refunded 100%. Mother Nature is out of our control and unfortunately weather can change on a dime.  We track the weather days out and will continue to check it hours out.  We will never put our customers or captains at risk.  If we feel like it is not safe to go out, we will cancel and or reschedule you for another day.  

- Boat Maintenance.  We take every precaution to make sure our boat is running at 100 percent however, sometimes things happen that are out of our control.  If we have to cancel a trip due to boat maintenance, we will reschedule you or refund you 100%.


What CANNOT be Refunded:

• No refund will be given for any portions of our charter unused by the traveler after Charter departure regardless of circumstances (this includes coming in early). 

• No refund will be given if you do not contact us ahead of time (48 hours). If you cancel for any reason within the 48 hour window the card on file will be charged for the remaining balance of the charter.


Our Cancellation Policy:

The Cancellation Policies listed apply to all reservations.

Refund Policy:

50% of total purchase amount can be refunded
100% of total purchase amount can be refunded

• Please note that cancellation fees are calculated based on the date we receive your signed Cancellation Request Form and   travel service start date.


Free Cancellation

Single Day charters: Cancel at least 7 Days in advance of the start date of the experience for a full refund.


How to Cancel a Reservation

We will process your cancellation/refund request within one to seven business days. We will NOT acknowledge any verbal / over-the-phone request or voice mail. Please make sure you send an email or text letting us know. Please explain why you are requesting a cancellation. 

• Contact via Email: Hunter@poseidonfishingcharters.com

• Contact via Text: 813-944-9018