Captain Brophy


Captain Drew Brophy, to put it plainly, is a fishoholic. He has been learning the ways of the water and the art of fishing ever since he took his first steps. As with most things in life, he started fishing with the basics - using worms to catch bluegill in the ponds in his neighborhood. He soon found out about saltwater and from there he went from fishing off piers, to John boats, to much bigger boats, and even onto sea school to earn his captain’s license. Throughout those years, he learned valuable techniques and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge that he has used with great success to make a living out of casting that line.


Fishing has been an essential component in Captain Brophy’s everyday life for as long as he can remember. He has grown a real passion for teaching and continues to provide awesome fishing experiences to people of all ages and skill levels. When you go on a charter with Captain Brophy, it will no doubt be an experience that you will remember forever!