Captain Drew


Introduced to the love of boating as a young boy on the Chesapeake Bay, Drew was immediately a natural on the water. He took a keen interest in learning everything he could about all boat types and the skills needed to become a successful fisherman. Moving to Florida in his early teens only enhanced his joy of the sport as he was then able to learn more about the seasons and available catches in the Gulf of Mexico. Drew then began working at Chris Craft, a major boat manufacturing plant in Sarasota, FL, where he learned all aspects of the craft of building a boat from the ground floor. 

Drew began his professional fishing career as a part-time deckhand on a local charter crew to share his love of being on the water, boats, and fishing. He then decided to pursue his captain’s license and continued on to achieve his Master Captain license. This enabled him to begin working as a captain and tour guide on fishing charters and tour boats in Tampa Bay.

Drew is an expert in both inshore and offshore fishing but prides himself in taking on extreme and challenging catches. He excels at hooking up on sharks and bow fishing, both of which are exciting nighttime adventures. Drew can’t wait to take you out on your next excursion with Poseidon Fishing Charters.