Inshore Fishing

Best Times: All year.

Inshore Fishing
(4,6,& 8 hour charters available)
(Up to 5 people)

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In-Shore Fishing is one of the most exciting aquatic adventures that Tampa Bay has to offer. The best part - it’s great for all ages! Whether you have never fished a day in your life or you are a seasoned professional, you will surely have a blast. You can expect to catch Triple Tail, Red fish, Snook, Snapper, Flounder, and many other varieties of fun-to-catch fish. Our captain, Steven, will be taking pictures throughout the day to make sure you can cherish this trip for a lifetime. At the end of the day, we will make sure your catch is filleted and properly prepared to be transported.


The Boat:


The boat you will be on is the nicest boat money can buy! Our Crevalle Bay boat is perfect for in-shore fishing because of its shallow draft, which makes it easy to maneuver through low tide. This 26 foot beauty is also equipped with a power pole, trolling motor, yachting electronics, and navigational fish finders. It features a second helm so Captain Steven can drive from above to spot your next catch. 





The Captain:

Captain Steven was born and raised on the in-shore waters of Tampa Bay, making him a seasoned professional for your charter. He will be able to put you on any variety of fish that you desire, but he particularly prides himself on being able to catch the best Redfish, Snook, and Triple Tail that in-shore fishing has to offer. If you are a fisherman and want to learn new tips and tricks, our captain loves to share his knowledge so that you, too, can land your next big catch! Captain Steven is also an expert on cooking up his catch of the day, so if you have questions about how best to prepare your fish, he will be more than happy to give you his secret recipe. He will also gladly give you his recommendations for a local restaurant that will be able to cook your fish for lunch or dinner. 



What To Expect:

Upon arrival, Captain Steven will meet you under the covered pavilion at the Shell Point Marina, where he will have the boat gassed up and stocked with water, soft drinks, and bait. This ensures that your entire 4 and a 1/2 hour or 9 hour charter will be non-stop fun! 


You will enjoy an action-packed day where captain Steve as he puts you on the fish and takes tons of pictures so you can remember this day for a lifetime! After an amazing fun filled day on the water, Captain Steve will bring you back to the dock where he will filet all the keeper fish you catch.  He can even recommended a few restaurants that will cook your catch for dinner! 


What to bring: 

Weather appropriate clothing - we will advise the day before. 

sunscreen – we don’t want you looking like a lobster after the trip

sunglasses (optional)

Phone – So you can take pictures and so we can send you our pictures

Lunch (if doing a full day) We recommend a sandwich or something easy to eat while fishing.

Bag for personal belongings - The boat has plenty of storage space to keep phones or wallets high and dry! 

What not to worry about: 

Fishing Licenses- We take care of that for you (we are licensed and insured)

Drink – Drinks and snacks are provided 

Fishing Gear- All the fishing gear is included 

Safety gear- All Safety gear is on board. We are a coast guard inspected and approved vessel

Inshore Fishing
(4,6,& 8 hour charters available)
Fish you might Catch while on our Charter

Red Fish- Also known as the Red Drum, is a beautiful fish is a delicacy to Tampa Bay.  They range from 15 inches to over 50 inches in length.  There always put up a great fight.   You can expect to find these Red fish in the grassy flats, mangroves, or even around oyster beds.  Red fish love live bait such as Greenbacks and Shrimp, however a lot of anglers have a lot of success using artificial baits such as spinning baits or DOA shrimp.

In 2017 Red Tide hit Tampa Bay and killed millions of fish including the beloved Red Fish.  The population of red fish was hurt so bad, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation had to put a halt to Red Fish season.  Thankfully in 2019, the Red fish are back and are bigger than ever. 

Snook- Also known as the Common Snook is a “must catch” when fishing in Tampa Bay.   They range from 12 inches to over 60 inches.  This fish will give you an adrenaline rush like no other. Snook love, docks, beaches, mangroves, grassy flats, and oyster beds.  Snook love the green backs, as well as Pin Fish, Shrimp, and small Grunts.

Snook were also affected by the Red Tide and just like the Red Fish, they had a devastating blow to the population.  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation also had to shut the Snook Season down.  However, just like the Red Fish, the Snook population is flourishing and have bounced back three-fold.  Hopefully in 2020, The FWC will reopen Snook and Red Fish Season.

Triple Tail- Also known as Blackfish is new to the scene of inshore fishing.  Not because they haven’t always been around, but because not very many people knew about them or knew how to catch them.  This fish that looks like a freshwater Nile Perch has features that look prehistoric.  Triple Tail love structure.  You can find them near buoys, channel markers, or even trash floating in the water.  You can find Triple Tail inshore as well as offshore. Triple Tail love Greenbacks and Shrimp.

Inshore Fishing
(4,6,& 8 hour charters available)
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