Poseidon Charters: The Best Deep Sea Fishing Charters Near Orlando

There is something undeniably freeing and thrilling about heading out to see on a luxurious charter boat to catch some impressive fish with family and friends. Orlando residents can experience this joy first-hand with Poseidon Charters. 


Florida fishing is second to none- especially with the right crew to get you out there and help find the ultimate catch. We have years of experience working on these waters and love being a part of creating new and lasting memories for others. 

Anybody looking for the best fishing charter experience out of Orlando is in good hands with Poseidon Charters.

The Ultimate Fishing Charter Adventures Just a Stone’s Throw from Orlando

We are based in Tampa- just a short drive from Orlando. Our many happy Orlando clients are sure to agree that it is well worth the trip for the unrivalled service and experience our team provides on all our charters. 

Tampa Bay is renowned across the country for its incredible fishing, and our Orlando neighbours can make the most of it whenever they choose. All you need to do is show up ready for a great day- we take care of everything else.


If you really want the best fishing experiences in Florida, Poseidon Charters is the premier service this close to Orlando. There is no other crew within this distance with the same high level of expertise and experience that can guarantee an unforgettable experience for families, groups of friends, individuals, or business teams.


Get out of Orlando and onto the glorious Tampa Bay waters, and finally tick those trophy catches off your bucket list!

Why Choose Poseidon Charters for Your Deep Sea Experience?


  • Our Orlando fishing charters are more than just a day out fishing- they are unforgettable experiences for friends, family, and colleagues to enjoy together.  

  • All our team members are professionals and the very best at what they do. They also happen to be very friendly, welcoming, and great fun and can help you get the most out of your fishing trip to Tampa Bay. 

  • It is not all about the fish! Our boats are also perfect for a relaxing afternoon on the water. Think waterfront dining, sightseeing, and maybe even dolphin spotting. Of course, if the famous Tampa deep sea experience is what you want, nobody can provide it better than we can. 

  • We can arrange special packages to match your perfect day out. If you are heading over from Orlando with your clients, let us know, and we can tailor the day to what you need. 

  • Exclusive online pricing is available, so you can book from Orlando- with no fuss and get a great deal.

  • We take safety as seriously as we take fishing. Our clients can depend on us to provide an excellent day out without any worries about staying safe on the water.

About Our Boats 

You won’t find boats as impressive as ours anywhere else in Orlando or the nearby areas. We have seven different yacht-style charter vessels- each one a luxurious combination of technology, comfort, and efficiency.

Depending on your choice of fishing style or excursion, we can recommend the ideal boat for you and your group. Whether you want the unrivalled stealth and style of our newest boat, Themis, or the versatile, graceful handling of Pegasus, we have you covered. 

Contact us for inquiries about all our boats and what they offer. You can also speak to one of our crew members about the different packages and day trips we provide and how to pick the perfect one for your next trip from Orlando to Tampa. 














Deep Sea Fishing Near Orlando: What Makes Poseidon Charters Different?

One of the things we are best known for is our deep sea fishing. Many clients travelling from Orlando come to us for this very reason- because they know they are getting the ultimate experience. 

This is a challenge worth facing- and the payoff is incredible! The Tampa Bay is packed with beautiful sea monsters that will put your fishing skills (and your muscles) to the test- more than anything you can find in Orlando. Go head-to-head with your friends and colleagues- or let the battle be between you and the catch- but get ready to engage in some serious water action. 

We offer year-round offshore fishing charters to help you fulfill your dreams of catching one of Florida’s big boys- be it Grouper, King Fish, Snapper, or even a shark! What’s more, if you catch something you can keep, the crew can give you the inside secrets on how to prepare the fish for the ultimate feast when you get it back home to Orlando. 

What makes us different? It’s the way we do things. To us, these charters are not just business as usual. Each one is a unique trip tailored to our clients. When you make the trip from Orlando to fish with us, you get the best of the best on all counts. 

Heading out for a deep sea fishing adventure may be what we do as a day job, but we never lose the thrill and passion for it and helping others discover that passion- either for the first time or whenever they get an opportunity- is what drives us and keeps the joy alive. 

Many of our clients have never deep sea fished before in Orlando, Tampa, or anywhere else, and we take pride in providing the ultimate first adventure and ensuring everyone leaves happy- and hopefully with some awesome catches!

Contact the Crew at Poseidon Charters to Book the Best Fishing Experience Near Orlando

Call, email, or fill out an online form for more information about deep sea fishing near Orlando or any of the other charters we offer. You can also find information about the types of fishing we offer- with special online booking prices. 

Tampa Bay is world-famous for its incredible fishing, and it couldn’t be much closer to Orlando. Take the drive and get out on the water with Poseidon Charters for a deep-sea adventure you and your group will never forget.