Meet The Captains

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Captain Steven Swindal was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area.  He has 20 plus years of experience fishing Tampa Bay and knows these waters like that back of his hand.  He has been guiding fishing trips in Tampa Bay for the past 10 years. He is known for being one of the top fishermen in the Tampa area and for starting the Triple Tail fishing craze!


Captain Cody was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area. He became interested in fishing at a young age and quickly developed his natural skill. Cody wanted to learn everything he could about fishing and boating, and worked hard to get his first boat as a teenager. He worked with family and friends who taught him the ins & outs of everything boats, fishing, and the open waters.


Introduced to the love of boating as a young boy on the Chesapeake Bay, Drew was immediately a natural on the water. He took a keen interest in learning everything he could about all boat types and the skills needed to become a successful fisherman. Moving to Florida in his early teens only enhanced his joy of the sport.


Captain Drew Brophy, to put it plainly, is a fishoholic. He has been learning the ways of the water and the art of fishing ever since he took his first steps. As with most things in life, he started fishing with the basics - using worms to catch bluegill in the ponds in his neighborhood. He soon found out about saltwater and from there he went from fishing off piers, to John boats, to much bigger boats, and even onto sea school to earn his captain’s license.