Meet The Captains




Introduced to the love of boating as a young boy on the Chesapeake Bay, Drew was immediately a natural on the water. He took a keen interest in learning everything he could about all boat types and the skills needed to become a successful fisherman. Moving to Florida in his early teens only enhanced his joy of the sport.

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Weighing in at 225 pounds, standing at 6’4”, he attacks the fish with deadly force!!! Hailing from Horseshoe Beach, FL - the raging, the half Cajun, Dustttinnnnn Queseeenbbberrryyyy! 


Fondly referred to as Quiz around the docks, Captain Dustin has followed in his father’s footsteps. He grew up watching his dad captain a boat and has been honing his fishing skills from a young age...



Captain Adam was born and raised in Florida and if there was nothing else that had to be done for the day, fishing it was. Luckily around here, it’s not too hard to get to some water and wet a line. His love and passion for fishing have continued to grow over the years and led him to earn his captain's license and become a fishing guide to share that same passion with others. 


For Captain Adam, there has always been something therapeutic about being out on the water and bending a rod…



Captain Drew Brophy, to put it plainly, is a fishoholic. He has been learning the ways of the water and the art of fishing ever since he took his first steps. As with most things in life, he started fishing with the basics - using worms to catch bluegill in the ponds in his neighborhood. He soon found out about saltwater and from there he went from fishing off piers, to John boats, to much bigger boats, and even onto sea school to earn his captain’s license. 

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Captain Matt Hernandez grew up with a love for the water and has been huntin’, fishin’, and lovin’ every day since he was born. Before becoming a charter captain, he was working on an asphalt crew while honing his fishing skills on the side. He decided to quit it all and chase his dreams of becoming a charter captain and making a living on the water. 

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After 20 years of dedicated service, Captain Jeremy Farrell recently retired from the Polk County Sheriff’s office where he was in charge of the Marine and Environmental Lands Unit. Poseidon Charters is now lucky enough to have him on our team as an incredible charter captain.


Known around the world as Captain Cornbread, he is an avid outdoorsman and loves being on the water... 



Captain Dawson Holtman was born and raised in Fort Pierce, Florida and grew up living on the water. For his family, commercial fishing was their way of life. Even when Captain Dawson wasn’t out casting lines, he was enjoying surfing, scuba diving, spear fishing, and catching lobsters. 


Snook fishing in particular has always been one of his lifelong passions. From pouring the lead and tying jigs, to feeling that thump from a heavy one, everything about reeling in a Snook is a thrill for Captain Dawson...