Crevalle Boats: The Best Of The Best!

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

In just ten short years, Crevalle Boats has become one of the leading boat manufacturers in the country. They have set themselves apart with their quality craftmanship and attention to detail, leading them to a finalist selection for the 2019 Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Award, as well as being premiered in the Florida Sportsman Magazine on numerous occasions. Crevalle Boats’ headquarters is located in Wildwood, Florida, only an hour and a half away from Tampa Bay, so when Poseidon Charters began their search for the best boat on the market, it should come as no surprise that we chose Crevalle.

At Poseidon Charters, our motto is, “it’s not just a charter”. We want you and your family to leave the dock with memories that will last a lifetime, and Crevalle Boats helps us make that happen. The 26 Bay Crevalle boat showcases many luxurious components, with our favorite being the water misters under the T-top. These misters are critical for taking a hot July day of fishing in Florida from good to GREAT! We also love the sound speakers built into the hard top and gunnels, from which you can play all your favorite tunes while you’re reeling in your trophy catch. A few other luxuries our boat offers include three live wells to keep our bait fresh; plenty of seating for your whole group; a second helm station that helps the captain spot fish; two ice chests to separate your cold drinks and catch of the day; and plenty of dry storage to keep all your belongings safe during your day on the water.

Though these boats are undoubtedly luxurious, they are built for much more than just comfort. It has all the qualities of the perfect fishing boat, including a 90 gallon fuel tank that allows us to be out on the water all day, up to 450 horsepower so we can get to the good fishing spots first, and a shallow draft that allows us to stay in just one foot of water where those sneaky snook and redfish love to hang out. Our “hybrid” model allows us to take you both 90 miles offshore and then back into the shallowest of waters for an inshore excursion. These boats are truly the king of the ocean.

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