Fall Fishing in Tampa Bay

Fall is one of our favorite fishing seasons! Why, you ask? Because as the weather starts to cool down, the Gag Grouper and Kingfish start filtering into Tampa Bay! We can expect to start reeling in the Grouper right around October 1st, with the Kingfish showing up by the end of the month.

The Gag Grouper is a Florida fishing staple! They love to hang out around reefs and drop offs, but you can occasionally find younger ones hanging out in seagrass beds. The average size of an adult weighs in around 30 pounds, yet you would think you were reeling in something three times the size when you feel it latch on!

Kingfish are definitely one of the most regal fish in the sea. Despite being included in the mackerel family, these fish can weigh in around 30 pounds. The current Florida record is a whopping 90 pounds! Kingfish are notorious for their impressive leaps, spins, and explosive runs, so once you’ve hooked onto them, you better hang on tight (and make sure someone is recording the action)!

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