Flats Fishing

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Flats fishing is an adrenaline rush that you will get addicted to! Tucked into the crystal clear, shallow, and calm waters of the mangroves, your captain will push-pole you into fishing holes you never dreamed possible. There, you’ll find the fish other boats just can’t get to. The best part about this whole experience is most of the time you and the captain will spot and stealthily stock the fish before landing your big catch. It’s an experience you will never forget!

Thanks to Poseidon’s new boat, Themis, you can enjoy flats fishing YEAR ROUND! Themis is a 185 Xpress boat that is perfect for running the flats because of its extremely shallow draft. This feature makes it very stealthy and easy to maneuver through low tide and shallow waters to find the most elusive Redfish. Themis is also equipped with a large live well to keep the live bait, two 45-quart Yetis to keep your drinks and the catch of the day ice cold, a poling platform for the captain to spot and stock the sneakiest fish, and so much more!

Redfish is one of our favorite fish to target while flats fishing. Also known as the Red Drum, they are a beautiful fish and a delicacy to Tampa Bay. Redfish can range from 15 to over 50 inches in length and they always put up a great fight! You can expect to find these fish in the grassy flats, mangroves, or even around oyster beds. Redfish absolutely love live bait such as greenbacks and shrimp, however, a lot of anglers have found success using artificial baits like spinning baits or DOA shrimp.

Other fish that can be successfully targeted while flats fishing are Snook and Sheepshead. The Common Snook can range from 12 to over 60 inches and they have been known to put up a fight that will give you an adrenaline rush like no other. Snook love hanging out near docks, beaches, mangroves, grassy flats, and oyster beds. While Snook love snacking on greenbacks, pin fish, shrimp, and small grunts, Sheepshead prefer crab and oysters! These delicious fish have big, human-like teeth that they use for cracking open shells to find their next meal. Don't let their size fool you - Sheepshead fight like crazy! They also make great meat for fish tacos, we promise!

If you are coming to Tampa Bay for the first time or are a returning fisherman, you won’t want to miss trying your hand at flats fishing.

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