Greatest Shark Moments of 2021

The Chinese zodiac claims that 2021 is the year of the Ox. While we don’t catch many of those in the ocean, we have been catching some monster sharks that have fought like bulls! Here are our top three shark moments of this year, all caught by our 2021 Poseidon Shark Week Champion, Captain Brophy.

On one June morning in the waters of Tampa Bay, Captain Brophy and his charter clients reeled in a 9’ Lemon shark! They spent four hours being pulled all over the bay before they finally managed to wrangle this beast to the surface. Remarkably, Captain Brophy was able to keep up with it in our 18’ Xpress flats boat, Themis. He was even able to pull it onto the boat to capture a picture that showcases this memory that will last a lifetime.

This Bull shark was caught during a very hot afternoon in the summer about three miles offshore. Captain Brophy, his fiance Kristen, and his brother all took turns fighting with this beast for about two hours! This shark truly embodied it’s name and fought like a bull the entire time. Once they were able to wrestle it onto the boat, they realized it was at least 10’ long.

Have you ever seen such a massive creature?! This 13’ Tiger shark - yes, you read that correctly - was caught at the end of July during Shark Week and ultimately won Captain Brophy the title of Poseidon’s 2021 Shark Week Champion. They fought with this beast for about two hours at dusk while seven miles offshore. Needless to say, this monster was the personal best record for everyone on the boat.

Do these shark highlights make you want to get out on the water and reel in one of your own? Check out the following video for a sneak at what your day in the bay could look like and please visit our website for more information on booking a shark charter.

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