If Santa Was a Fisherman…

If Santa was a fisherman, he would happily drive a 26 Crevalle Bay boat because they are truly fit for a king. It is the perfect crossover boat for all types of fishing and is built in one solid piece to ensure it is as strong as a sleigh. This also allows it to handle the offshore waters like a reindeer, effortlessly gliding through the water. It would be red and named Rudolph, of course!

If Santa was a fisherman, he would fill his boat with presents from From hats to hoodies and performance shirts, they have everything anglers of all ages need to stay comfortable and prepared out on the water. Even Santa would trade in his big red coat for something a little more stylish, like a shark performance shirt or a performance hoodie.

If Santa was a fisherman, he would absolutely love catching Mangrove Snapper! They don’t go very well with milk, but their fillets are the size of a Christmas cookie and make great meat for tacos. He would probably also get hooked on the adrenaline rush of reeling a Goliath Grouper up to the side of his boat. Since he’s used to operating at night, fighting with a shark or two would certainly make his belly shake like a bowl full of jelly.

If Santa was a fisherman, he would move himself, Mrs. Claus, the elves, and their entire headquarters to Tampa. Fittingly, they would rename it the “South Pole” and enjoy fishing all year long. Be sure to keep an eye out, as you may be able to spot his red boat flying across the water.

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