Poseidon Charter’s Secret Formula

At Poseidon Fishing Charters, we have a few secrets up our sleeves to make for a successful fishing trip. Our captains are very knowledgeable when it comes to what kind of tide, wind, and season different fish are biting in. But our #1 source for making our fishing trips so successful is (*drum roll please*)... BAIT!

Knowing the what, when, and how to use bait can make or break your fishing trip. It’s important to have a variety of bait because you never know what fish will be biting or what they will be hungry for that day. Even though our captains fish every day and have a very good idea of what the fish like, their appetites are changing so often that it’s always best to be prepared. Here are a few different types of bait that we use.

Our captains love to use live Greenbacks, Crab, and Shrimp because these types of bait are the natural food source for most fish in the rivers, mangroves, flats, and in the bay. We catch crabs by setting traps throughout the mangroves and flats, and we’ve been known to catch a few right at our docks! Catching Greenbacks is a bit harder and takes more skill. Tracking these little buggers is a constant battle because they migrate depending on the season. Sometimes they are smaller and hang out in the shallow flats, and sometimes they hang out around the structures in the bay and get nice and plump. We use chum to get them to the surface so that we can throw a cast net and collect enough of them for the day. Our chum is typically a mixture of dog food, however, Captain Cornbread thanks Betty Crocker for his preferred chum - oatmeal!

When we go offshore, the type of bait we use differs because the fish we are targeting are different from those inshore. While we do bring live bait, we also use frozen Squid, Octopus, and Threadpins to lure in the bigger beasts out in the open ocean. Sometimes we even use fish carcasses from the night before to attract those hungry Goliath Groupers.

The captains get up early every single morning to accomplish all this (and more) to ensure that your charter is successful! Check out this video of Captain Brophy explaining what kind of chum he uses, how he attracts the bait fish to the surface with it, and the best way to throw a cast net.

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