There’s A Storm a’Brewin! How We Prepare For A Hurricane

Tampa Bay is known for its smooth waters and calm seas. A typical day fishing in the bay will bring minimal waves and sunny skies. However, fishing in Florida comes with its challenges. When the forecast calls for a tropical storm or hurricane, Poseidon Charters gets all hands on deck (pun intended) to prepare for the worst. Here are a few steps we take to ensure the safety and well-being of our captains and boats when there’s a storm heading for Tampa Bay.

  1. Preparation of the boats. First and foremost, we make sure to store any loose items that are on the boat, including fishing rods, casting nets, and even seat cushions. Anything else that is not able to be stored will be tied down. We then cover the electronics to protect against rain damage. Our next step is to take the boats out of the water due to the impending storm surge. Surprisingly, our biggest enemy during a storm is typically the rising water levels and flying debris, not necessarily the strong, gusty winds. Depending on the severity of the storm, our boats will either go into the mangroves to be put on lifted docks, or, if the hurricane is projected to be a category two or higher, the boats will be put on a trailer and taken inland to ride out the storm on dry land. 

  2. Watch the weather closely leading up to the storm. In the 24 hours leading up to the hurricane or tropical storm, we watch the weather very closely in order to stay ahead of it in our preparations. We typically move or take the boats out of the water 24+ hours before the storm track is projected to hit Tampa Bay. This gives us ample time to finish all necessary preparations, get the boats out of the water, and ensure that our friends and family are safe before the storm ever makes landfall.  

  3. After the storm. Once the worst of the storm has passed, we check on the docks before putting the boats back in the water. This allows us to make any repairs to these structures immediately before we are having to step foot on them, potentially saving us from causing an avoidable accident. We also put our Poseidon Charters sign back up, take our equipment out of storage, and begin preparations to get back out on the water.

Tropical storms, hurricanes, and even severe thunderstorms are not to be messed with. We take each weather phenomenon seriously to ensure the safety not only of our crew and boats, but of our clients and guests as well. By preparing beforehand and taking every precaution necessary, we are able to get back out on the water doing what we love as quickly as possible. Now let’s go fishing!

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