Want To Fill The Cooler With Meat? Target These 3 Fish in Tampa Bay!

Every angler can agree that one of the most satisfying things to see at the end of a day on the water is a cooler full of fish! As October is unfolding, we have been catching Snapper, Gag Grouper, and Spanish Mackerel left and right. All three of these species are excellent eating fish and we highly recommend targeting them if you are looking to bring home meat.


The Snapper bite has been phenomenal at the start of this year’s fall fishing season! Our captains have been targeting Yellowtail and Mangrove Snapper in the bay and offshore with great success. These fish make delicious tacos, as their white meat is mildly sweet, moist, and flaky. Check out this mouth-watering Food Network Snapper Tacos recipe, or ask your captain for their cooking tips or favorite hook and cook restaurant recommendations!

Gag Grouper

The Gag Grouper is a Florida fishing staple! We have been targeting these monster fish in the bay and offshore lately. With an average adult weighing in around 30 pounds, you will have plenty of meat to take home when you reel one in! Their white meat is firm, flaky, and extra lean, making the Gag Grouper a great fish to be blackened for tacos or grilled at your next backyard barbecue.

Spanish Mackerel

The Spanish Mackerel is one of the best fish to target for meat during the fall fishing season in Tampa Bay because they often gather in large schools all across the bay and nearshore. Their meat is typically fatty and rich with a strong, sweet flavor. While there are numerous ways that they can be deliciously prepared, we highly recommend smoking Spanish Mackerel filets and using them for a smoked fish dip.

While you’re here, don’t miss Captain Steven’s cooking tips for your catch or our recommendations for a local Tampa “hook & cook” restaurant. Enjoy!

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