What to Bring on Your Poseidon Fishing Charter

When you embark on a Poseidon fishing charter, truly the only thing you need to show up with is yourself and sunscreen! However, here are our recommendations that will make your day on the water even better.


The camera on your iPhone works amazingly well, but sometimes you can’t beat the pictures that a real camera can capture! You will be making memories that will last a lifetime, so make sure you are happy with the quality of camera that you bring on your charter.

Additional Beverages & Snacks

We do provide bottled water for each charter, but if you’d like to bring soda or alcohol, we have plenty of cooler space to keep it ice cold for the entire trip. We also recommend bringing a light snack or lunch for longer outings, but just make sure to not eat anything too heavy that could cause an upset stomach if the water gets choppy.

Weather Appropriate Apparel

While Florida is known for its beautiful weather year round, we do have some variations in seasonal temperatures that you’ll need to be aware of. Make sure to bring a hat and sunglasses for when the sun is out, but if you’re going on an early or late charter, you may want to bring a light sweatshirt as well.


If you’re hoping to bring a lot of meat home, don’t forget to bring a small cooler! You can keep this in your vehicle while we’re out on the water and we will provide ice and ziploc bags to keep your fish fresh for your drive home.

Have questions? You can check out our “What To Expect” page on our website or give us a call anytime. We hope to see you out on the water soon!

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