What We Do to Stay Safe on The Water

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Here at Poseidon Fishing Charters, our motto is “more than just a charter”. We strive to ensure that our customers have not only an amazing fishing experience with us, but that they feel safe and secure out on the water as well. Safety requirements that our team regularly meets include the strength and reliability of our Crevalle Bay boats, our Coast Guard certified safety equipment and captain training, and our commitment to monitoring the unpredictable Florida weather before every trip. 

Poseidon Charters chose Crevalle boats because we trust that their boat building process ensures maximum safety for our guests. Their unique “injection mold” means that each boat is built in one piece. This makes them the safest boats on the market because it significantly reduces the risk of leaks. We are also sticklers of upgrading and performing preventative maintenance on our boat and all of its features frequently. If we do have something break or malfunction, we schedule servicing immediately. 

Besides completing a Coast Guard safety check every year, we also maintain our required safety gear on board each one of our vessels. This includes fire extinguishers, bilge pumps, a VHF radio, and an abundance of life jackets, including adult and children sizing to be sure that everybody on the boat is protected. Additionally, all of our captains are CPR-certified and are trained to be prepared for any marine emergency. Our captains also make sure that they check the unpredictable Florida weather, radar, and tides before each charter, and are competent enough to know when conditions will not be enjoyable or safe for our guests.

From our trustworthy boats to our Coast Guard certified captains and safety equipment, our charter guests can rest assured that they will have not only an amazing fishing experience with us, but, more importantly, an incredibly safe one as well.

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