Will My Talking Scare The Fish Away? Common Fishing Myths Debunked

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Ever wondered if the fishing myths you’ve read on the internet are true or false? There are many misconceptions that circle around the web these days, so we decided to debunk five of the most common fishing myths.

Myth #1: Will my talking scare the fish away?

Absolutely not! Sound doesn’t travel well between air and water, so your talking (and even your kid’s screaming) is barely noticeable to the creatures of the ocean.

Myth #2: Don’t bring a banana on the boat…

Bananas are said to bring bad luck aboard boats. If you’re superstitious, you may want to beware of this one! However, this claim is 100% a myth. The origins date back to the 1700’s, when many misfortuned large cargo ships were noted to be carrying bananas to their destination. But seriously, please do not bring a banana on your fishing trip...

Myth #3: Rain, rain, go away - the fish don’t want to bite today!

One of the most common fishing myths is that fish don’t bite when it’s raining. This is simply not true! Rain does not affect a fish’s eating patterns, so you’ll still be able to reel in a big catch without clear skies.

Myth #4: Big fish go for big bait.

While large bait, such as Bonita and Snapper, can only be eaten by larger fish and sharks, even the big fish won’t pass up an easy, smaller snack.

Myth #5: You can’t catch large fish inshore…

NOT TRUE! You can catch a variety of larger fish, such as Jack Crevalle’s, Grouper, Cobia, Tarpon, and monster sharks, in the inshore waters of Tampa Bay.

What are some other fishing myths you’ve been told or read about? Let us know - we’d love to hear from you!

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